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8 tips to get ready for the Bondi Barefoot

Is there an art to running in soft sand?

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Soft sand running is a low impact, full body workout not to mention a fun, refreshing way to start the morning. We hope you’re excited for the 2017 Bondi Barefoot Run. For the big day you’ll need a solid preparation but some strategic tips can make all the difference.

Here are our top 8 tips to get you ready!!

1. Train your body

Barefoot running on sand takes practice to build the skill and confidence, so get down to the beach on the “soft” sand to train. We recommend listening to your body and introducing sand running gradually.

2. Transition

Start off with a light walk or jog to help build feet, ankle and calf strength.

3. Repetition

Aim for 2 to 3 sessions per week on soft sand to help prepare your calves for either the 4km or 10km run.

4. Flexibility

Stretching pre and post training is extremely important to help with injury prevention and ensure your muscles are working at an optimal level. To reduce muscular fatigue and reduce the likelihood of muscle cramps during or post race we recommend supplementing your diet with magnesium capsules or powder, daily.

5. Maintenance is vital

For those with weak ankles and calves, work on strengthening these with exercises such as double or single calf raises.

6. Further support

Ankle support bandages are advised if you wish to protect your ankles further.

7. Almost ready 

Once you’re in shape, max out your soft sand workout by running up sand dunes. This will enhance your ability to perform on race day.

8. Consistency is key

Be consistent and you will improve quickly.

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