• Sunday

    23rd September 2018

  • Race Categories and Schedule

    Event Details

    10 km run - 9.15am

    Take on 10 laps of Bondi Beach, starting at the North Bondi Surf Club and turning at the first ramp at South Bondi.

    4 km run - 9.00am

    This is the achievable distance for the weekend warrior, just 4 laps of the beach.

    A ‘skins type’ knockout beach sprint held over 70m. All starters line up in the first sprint, with a set number of the slowest eliminated each 60 second round until a winner is crowned. Some years as many as 15 rounds have been completed to find the fastest and most fit competitor!


    Celebrity Bolt - 10.45am

    Junior Bolt - 11.00am

    Open Bolt - 11.30am


    Teams of 4 participants each run 150 metre up and down
    the golden sands of Bondi beach.

  • Even more action in 2018


    A major innovation in 2018 is the expansion of the event to include an ‘event village’, complete with sponsor activations for non-race participants to get involved. The Waverley Council has endorsed this expansion as a contributor to the local community, supporting the evolution into a whole day event. Now, it’s an even better event for the whole family with action on and off the sand including stalls, free activities, face painters, giveaways – plus so much MORE.


    Come along, enjoy a FREE,

    fun-filled day on the golden sands of our most famous beach.

    On Bondi. For Bondi.

    Help spread the word and help a great cause.

    Sunday, 23 September 2018.

  • How do entry fees and sponsorships help?

    Bondi Barefoot is a fundraiser for the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.


    With the help of your entry fees, donations and our generous sponsors support, North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club makes sure that Bondi is one of the safest beaches in the world.

    With summer fast approaching, all surf life saving clubs start preparing for this peak time of year. All entry fees go directly to the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club which means you’re helping to save lives on Australia’s most famous beach.

    Donations are distributed for allocation to priority needs and include areas of:

    + Rescue gear and equipment

    + Volunteer lifesaver training

    + Community education programs

    + Support services including communications networks,

    aerial patrols and powered watercraft.


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    With less than 3 weeks to go before the Bondi Barefoot, it’s a great time to share what makes a great soft sand runner ,and release the point scoring rules for the series. The series includes the Bondi Barefoot 4k and 10km and the Jock Athletic Running Festival of October 29th – visit...
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    In an exciting move, Tim Robards will be showing off his love of the soft sands of Bondi by competing in the Bondi Barefoot Soft Sand Race, September 24, 2017. Robard's involvement has made waves around the world he will join lots of enthusiasts of the soft sand format as they take on 4k, 10k and...
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    In great news for soft sand runners, the Bondi Barefoot and Jock Athletic Running Festival at Cronulla have combined to produce a soft-sand running series that caters for everyone. Of all the races we go to each year, the Bondi Barefoot and our own running festival are two of the most enjoyable...
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    Don’t stress and enjoy the event 4Ks and 10Ks are hugely positive community events. You get to spend the morning with strangers cheering you on, feeding you, offering water, and celebrating doing something healthy for yourself. Get familiar with the location If you can, work out at the race...
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